A Vicious Circle (A2 Reader)

Life in the big city and the countryside
Summer holiday
The beauty of nature
Dreams and reality
Enjoying farm life

A2 Reader

The Dog Tag (A2+ Reader)

The Second World War
The life of an Australian soldier
Love and dreams
Missing, waiting and hopes

The Dog Tag A2+ reader

The Diary of a Thief (B1 Reader)

The mind of a genius
Stealing or serving
Loses and regrets
Things to value
Settling accounts
The will

B1 Reader

Qadesh (B1+ Reader)

Two great empires of the ancient world,
the Hittites and the Egyptians;
two glorious kings, Hattussili and Ramses;
two strong women, Nefertari and Puduhepa;
the Hittites, the greatest civilization of Anatolia;
the first written treaty in history, the Treaty of Qadesh.

Qadesh B1+ reader

The New World: Wasteland (B2+ Reader)

Destroying or preserving
Starting all over again
Lost lives
Greediness and materialism
Earth and humanity
Value of peace and life

The New World Wasteland B2+ Reader